Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are those set of rules that are apply to fulfill a particular contract and form an integral part of that contract. Buyers and sellers both should be agreeing with the terms and conditions if they want to be the part of contract. These terms and conditions prove that whatever rules are being shaped by the company the user has to agree with it or else, company will not be responsible for any loss of data. It is important for the company to have terms and conditions so that, there will be no chances of mishappening. If the user doesn’t accept the terms and conditions then he/she should stop using the website then and there.

Disagreeing with the Terms and Conditions

If the user agrees with the company’s terms and conditions then he may follow up with website. But, if the user doesn’t agree with it then he/she must leave the website and do not continue accessing, and should not proceed ahead because if he proceeds it will show that the user is agreeing with the terms and conditions.

Modification in the Terms and Conditions

The modifications in terms and conditions completely depend upon the company’s will and it is not answerable to user for any of its activities. The company can make any change in the term and condition without giving any prior information to the user. But, if the user is accessing the website then it signifies that the user is agreeing with the modified terms and conditions.

Non-commercial content usage

The company’s website content is for the user’s reference purpose so that he/she would the information regarding the product and services, and do not misuse the content that is available on the website. If the user is found doing fraud with the content then he will be punished and action will be taken under the violation of intellectual property rights.

Third party links on website

When the user view any banner or advertisement of any other company’s product and service that means those links are for user to inform and/or aware regarding those product and services. However, it doesn’t mean that we support or endorse any third party services.

Payment and Prices of products and services

From the medium of payment to price of the products, everything depends upon the company’s norms. Once, the booking made for the product and services then the prices don’t change, it remains the same for the user.