Privacy Policy

Greetings customers! Our webpage will help you to know the detailed information about what data we collect from users, how do we collect those data and how do we protect the collected data. Privacy Policy plays a very vital role in company’s website as it tells about the company norms and that’s why it is recommended to read the privacy policy carefully and thoroughly. If any query or questions arise then the user can either stop using the website or can contact customer support team.

Importance of Privacy policy:

Privacy policy tells that how company collects the user’s data, both directly and indirectly. Through any of the means mentioned above, we can collect the data of the user. Make sure that while using the website, the user should provide the correct information or it might lead to termination of the user account. That’s why it is important for the user to be aware while providing information to us at the time of the website usage.

When user allows us to collect the personal data?

Generally, we only collect the data after the user consent to provide us the details. When the user login into our website it is depicting that user is agreed with all the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the company. We also collect the information from the user’s computer through some software, without asking the user about it.

How data is collected from the users?

There are two ways of collecting data from the user; first is the general method in which the user log in to the website and fill up the form, and the second method is the indirect way in which we collect the information from the user like the IP Address, behavior of the user on webpage, and their interest without letting them know about the same. Both the means are importance for us.

What data do we collect from the users?

While collecting the data from the users, we ask for some personal information which includes name, age, gender, pin codes and some other details, and same for the co-traveler (if travelling). And, when it comes to indirect part of collecting data, it includes system details, Operating System, search engine, internet service provider details, system’s unique identification number, time, and location.

How do we protect the data shared by the users?

We make sure that the data which is shared by the user should remain between the user and the company. The company will not share the data until the user agrees to share it with third party because we believe that it is our responsibility to keep the data safe. We don’t share any information of our clients to the third party either.

Why do we collect the information?

We collect information of the user so that we could provide customized solutions to the customers and it also helps us in improving our services. The data we collect from the user are used to give better customer experience to the user and we also use the data for interest-based advertisement.

What if you don’t agree to the policies?

In case you don’t agree with the policies then, stop accessing our website immediately because if you are continuously using the website, then we are bound to believe that you are in agreement with our policies.