Is There Any Way To Get Seat Upgrades On Air Canada Flights Free?

Getting anything in this world free seems to be a myth for many. Nevertheless, Air Canada has busted out this myth quite commendably, and we must acknowledge it. Yes, if you know the right tricks, you might actually get the seat upgrades on Air Canada flights free. No matter how unbelievable it may sound, this is a fact that you cannot avoid. If the concept of free seat upgrades is what exciting you, get ready to follow some simple tricks and enjoy flying in business class at the cost of economy. Though you have the option to Contact Air Canada Number to know more about the details, we have come up with this blog where we have enlisted some of the basic tricks and tips that would help you in getting the Air Canada seat upgrades free of cost.

Arrive Early:

First thing first, you must arrive early at the airport so that you get ample time to discuss the reasons for the upgrade with the airline’s representatives. Moreover, if the flight gets full, there is no way out through which you can get the upgrade. So, being on time is the first thing that you need to follow.

It is an advantage if you are a frequent flyer:

Well, if you are a frequent flyer of Air Canada, or if you are a member of Aeroplan program, there is a higher possibility of you getting the upgrades free. Therefore, make sure that you become an official member of the airlines’ frequent flyer programs.

Dressing matters :

Although it sounds a bit weird, but dressing sense does matter in getting the free seat upgrade with Air Canada. Well, it does not mean, you will take out your tuxedos or ball gowns, but yes, a decent-looking outfit is necessary!

Check the seat status :

Before asking for free upgrades, it is advisable to you to check if the seats are available or not. If the seats are full, there is no point in raising the request to the concerned team. You can easily check the status online through various platforms, and even through the official website.

Travel solo :

If you are in a group and looking for the upgrade for all, it is next to impossible. However, if you are travelling solo, and you just need a single seat upgrade, there are chances that you might crack the deal. Therefore, it is better if you travel solo.

Contact the airline :

For a better deal, we would recommend you to contact the airline via calls by dialing the official toll-free 24*7 Air Canada Phone Number. Seek assistance from them and give them genuine reasons for the upgrade, and they would ensure that you get seat upgrades free.

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