Air Canada pregnancy Policy: A Detailed Guide

Air Canada Pregnancy Policy

The major Canadian airline, Air Canada has lined up many policies for the sake of benefit and comfort of passengers, whether it is regarding, seat upgradation, check-in policy, baggage policy, refund and cancellation policy and much more. To our surprise, the airline has a separate pregnancy policy for the expectant mothers so that they can travel safely and hassle-freely. We all know that it is difficult to travel during pregnancy when you are seven or eight months pregnant. Nevertheless, with Air Canada, you can easily do that as they have simpler policies. The airline also cares about the human values and feelings as it is the most critical time for the mother and baby.

Therefore, we have come up with our blog, which is for pregnant women who are willing travel with Air Canada to let them be aware of the policies. We have noted down some important rules that are must-read. If you want to know more about this policy as you would be considering later from our website because we understand that travelling at this time is the biggest risk so for our customers. We have provided them the calling facility, where you can contact our Air Canada Customer Service center employee and he will be there for you whenever (before, during and after the flight) you need his help or support. He will also tell you about each fact in detail. In the meantime, you are also suggested to look at the policies below:

When pregnant women can travel via Air Canada flights?

It will be better for the pregnant woman if she travels within and including 36th week of her pregnancy on all Air Canada, Air Canada Jazz, and other Tier 3 flights operated by Air Canada. However, after 36th week, you will need a medical certificate, which will say that you are fit to travel and confirm your due date.

When pregnant women will not be allowed

On Air Transat, the pregnant woman is allowed to travel until her 35th week of pregnancy. However, as soon as your 36th week starts, then, from 36th to 38th week it is must to have a doctor prescription, which should be issued within 24 hours of your departure though you are not allowed to fly. You cannot fly on any Air Transat flight if it is your 39th or 40th week going on. Flights of Air Transat operate by a different carrier like CanJet, which need to follow the operating airlines restrictions for pregnant women.

Final Thoughts:

Therefore, we would recommend you to choose airline according to your preference and comfort or you can talk to the agent so that he would give you the right advice about the airline and its regulations. Here is the blog for our dear pregnant travelers and for more details, you can contact on Air Canada Phone Number and come in contact directly with the experts. Also, visit our website to, as you will get to know about the rules, regulations, and advices regarding pregnancy women.

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